Monterey County Property Management

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Backus Properties specializes in individual attention and personal service. Owners may customize their services to reflect the involvement they wish to have, and the level of personal attention they require.

Monterey County Property Management Fees:

Our normal management fee is 10% of each months collected rents, with a minimum of $100 per house or $80 per multiple units up to 15. The management fee is 8% for 3 or more units.

What we do as your Monterey County Property Manager

Other Monterey County Property Management Services Available:

Lease Only : for owners who want to manage his or her own property but needs assistance on the rental process: 6% of the annual rent, minimum $1,000.

Eviction Protection : for an additional management fee of $20 per month, Backus Properties will pay the approximately $1000 to $2000 +/- attorney fee should an eviction filing become necessary for any reason.

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