Salinas: (831) 455-2052
Monterey: (831) 655-4884

Maintenance Instructions

 If you have not heard from the vendor within three working days, please call the office.

Non-emergency Repairs:  mail, fax or email (attachment) a Maintenance Request form provided.  Please fill in all blanks.  It is also available online at

Emergency:  emergencies are repairs that will cause immediate property damage or possible life endangerment.

Examples:  fire, flood, personal injury, uncontrollable water, sewer or septic back up, electrical problem endangering life, smell of gas, unable to lock or secure house, and leaking roof. 

Example of non-emergencies:  Non-functioning appliances, hot water heater or furnace, plugged toilet or sink (tenant responsibility), dripping faucet, running toilet, garage door broke, being locked out of the house. 

If you have a true emergency, please call 455-2052 and follow the instructions.

You will be given the emergency number to call for that day.  We ask that you respect our time off and only use these numbers for emergencies as defined above.  Use of the emergency number for non-emergencies will result in a $50 charge to you, the tenant. 

Other numbers to call:

Fire:                              911

Break in:                       911

Gas or Electrical:        PG&E 1-800-743-5000

Please click here for Tenants maintenance responsiblilities.

If appropriate: please send a picture of the repair such as model number of stove or what faucet looks like.

Maintenance Request

 Maintenance Request Form

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