Real Estate

Backus Properties is well known for its expertise in property management. However, we handle real estate sales as, particularly for those clients that we have also been manager of their rental properties. If you are anticipating the sale of your investment property, we are the perfect choice for you. We have already developed a special relationship with you, the owner. We also have a solid relationship with the tenants and can help the sale go smoothly. One of the more complicated issues in selling a house is properly filling out the disclosures. With our maintenance and other records, we can facilitate the process. We know the legal and ethical ways of handling tenants during this process. If you are interested-we can provide you with numerous referrals and we also have an outstanding track record for setting new high price sales in given neighborhoods. If you are looking for someone who answers their phone live or responds quickly to emails-that's us! Email, call or text Bill Backus at 831.262.9730 or and see how quickly I get back to you!

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